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Euthanasia: What does it mean for my pet?

You can help relieve chronic pain and suffering by humanely helping your pet pass. Euthanizing your ailing pet allows your family to let go of your loved one in the place they call home, offering a painless experience in their last moments, as you say goodbye.

Is it time?

We rely on vets who specialize in geriatric & end-of-life care to help you decide if it is time to make this difficult decision. These are incredible professionals who have had experienced pet-loss  and understand your concerns.

 Our pets live in the moment. They do not reflect on the great days they have had in the past or what the future will hold. They only understand their present pain. We recommend talking it over with our vets - and with a caring friend who is not as emotionally involved in the decision to help you gain perspective.

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What to expect

Making the right decision for your pet can be challenging. Our caring team is here to help guide you and to answer all your questions during this difficult time.
We carefully prescribe a plan of action based on your pet, tailoring the medications being administered, making it as peaceful and painless as possible.
Your memories together can give you comfort during a difficult time. We'll ensure that you have complete information about your options.

Humane In Home Euthanasia

Making the decision to put down your cat or dog is never easy.  Vetted PetCare offers in home pet euthanasia ensuring your pet's passing happens in the place where they are the most familiar, your home.  We provide unlimited phone consultations with the best veterinarians allowing for peace of mind and support as you go through the process.

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